DF-WXY3 | new gen dual-axis winder

Together with single axis new gen winder, we also developed a dual-axis version based on our new movement mechanic. This is a bit tricky and may be a little uneasy to see it how it work if compare to other popular or traditional winder. But, I did tried it a few time and I kind of like the smooth feeling it brought and the anti-slip feature is quite value. That’s why we think this could be very useful for stop motion animator.

Curious? If pass by our Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, just come, we will let you testing this out.

DF-WX3 – new gen winder

Hello. Today we proudly introduce our latest designs on stop motion winder collection, for both single and dual axis. This design we are using different mechanic compare to other popular winder you’ve ever seen on the market out there. This design giving some advantages such as smoother and more precise moving step, which crucial for high frame-rate animation (12, 24 or even more). The locking mechanic is also simplified and more stable, meaning less parts need to be made and adjust than before, so we can build it in shorter time and less headache when fine-tune before shipping (phew).

Ah, we called this Karakasa Kozō – a funny, childish yokai (goblin) in old Japanese folk stories 😁.

DF-WXY2 | Dual-axis winder

Another work of art (forgive us, we love our product too much…) has been released today, a dual-axis stop motion winder with compact movement block. There are pair of sensitivity adjustable screws on each axis-blocks, so animator can quickly adjust the grip-ness of winder according to his/her convenience.

We don’t do much of this, so there is just only two winders has been hand-built. When both of them are sold out, please let us know your order, we will make another winder for you.

Winder một trục, DF-WX30

DF-WX30 là mẫu winder thương mại đầu tiên trong dòng sản phẩm thiết bị làm phim stop motion chuyên nghiệp của xưởng Delta Forge. Sản phẩm được chế tạo thủ công từ sắt, thép và nhôm kỹ thuật. Thanh ray răng hành trình 30cm đáp ứng các nhu cầu diễn hoạt. Ngoài ra DF-WX30 còn có khả năng mở rộng, nâng cấp thêm một trục thành mẫu winder DF-WXY30 với thao tác lắp ráp đơn giản và không phải thay thế toàn bộ cụm cơ khí mới. Đây là một giải pháp tiết kiệm chi phí cho khách hàng từ xưởng Delta Forge.

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